Branding & IdenTity


Start-up Brand Design

If you’re a new business, establishing a strong identity and brand from the outset will help you launch your new company in a competitive marketplace.

If you are comfortable with how your business is presented visually, it will enable you to be more confident when promoting your products or services.


Brand Evolution

Do you have an established brand that needs a little refreshing to make it feel more current or forward-thinking?

An incremental evolution of your branding and identity can instantly give your business a more dynamic presence without radically changing your look and maintaining a link back to your heritage.


A New Brand Identity

Has your business changed direction?

Do you need to adapt to appeal to a different or changing audience?

A more comprehensive redesign will give your company a new, fresh feel and ensure all your business collateral works together to help you achieve a unified look across your whole brand or identity.